Sony Confirms New PS4 NEO !!



Referred previously as the PS4.5 , PS4K or PS4 Neo, Sony has confirmed that they are developing an upgraded, more powerful version of its PlayStation 4 console. However, it won’t be showcased at the upcoming E3, as was widely expected.

During an interview with the Financial Times, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and group CEO Andrew House told that the upgraded PS4 will include a faster processor, 4K resolution support, and improved graphics. “It is intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4,” – “We will be selling both [versions] through the life cycle.”

The new console will target ‘hardcore gamers,’ as well as consumers with a 4K television set looking for more high-resolution content. It looks like it’ll also be a smoother experience for those looking to pick up PlayStation VR.

However, developers would have to create two versions of each game (one that could run on the existing PlayStation 4 and one that could run on this new unit.) “All games will support the standard PS4 and we anticipate all or a very large majority of games will also support the high-end PS4,” House said.

The upgraded console will be priced higher than the current $350 for the existing PlayStation 4 model, but no release date was announced yet.

Sony would not be unveiling its new console at E3 next week. (Sony’s E3 press conference is scheduled for June 13 at 6 PM PT.)

Source [ FTGamespot]




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