League Of Legends : A New Server for North African Players ?






Currently every region/continent (But Africa) has its own server. League Of Legends ,which has more than 27 million player per day, makes african players wonder why there hasn’t been any news regarding their own server even though there are many players who are struggling playing in other servers.

Personally, I was in Canada last week and played in NA server with 40-55ms with a decent internet connection. However when I came to Tunisia, I was obliged to play in one of the European servers with an average of 120-150ms which is really uncomfortable to play especially with some champions that require a high skill cap.

eSports has grown rapidly in North Africa : there is a large gaming community and many tournaments have been organized. I believe that with a server dedicated to this community will help improving and participating in international events/tournaments. I’m sure that a large number of League players would transfer to their new local server immediately.

Hopefully Riot will take a look at this suggestion and give us a reply.



  1. Really it’s a good idea why not
    we’ve got many tunisian Gamer and the other’s who leave in north african Love Lol and all time played
    so why not Riot . DO IT xD

  2. Hope riot will have the kindness to consider our idea, especially the number of lol players that are rapidly growing in countries like Algeria and Tunisia


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