If the Tunisian Geek Community has always been fantasizing about those Big Amazing International Conventions abroad all excitedly with sparkling eyes, now who has ever wondered that those Fantasies would actually become REALITY??

Now THE HYPE IS REAL! Because the famous International ComicCon has FINALLY had his TUNISIAN 1st Edition during the last 2-3-4 of September 2016 in the “Kram’s Expo Center” .

As one of the Biggest Gathering of Gamers, Pop Culture and Digital Arts Fans, the ComicCon has offered its audience a variation of Attractions, inspiring Guests and Intense Competitions, 3 days of Geekery to enjoy to the fullest!



  • Opening the Gates14188174_572888669562145_4687779658938968765_o

The Event started one hour late the 1st day, lots of people were gathering in front of the gates, all hyped and pumped up, singing and laughing to pass the time waiting for the Event to begin! You couldn’t miss those geeky outfits and nerdy attires and those exhausted, yet in heat Cosplayers that were eagerly carrying their heavy costumes!

Once the Gates were finally open, the whole crowd hurried in and invaded the large ComicCon center all at once, earnestly discovering the very first ComicCon ; Heart-Pumping fusion of Music, Lights, Anime, Comics and Gaming attractions of all was a promising BLAST!



  • A 3-Days Themed Event

ComicCon has dedicated a day to each of these 3 themes: Gaming and Video Game Developing , Comics, and Japanese Culture.

Specific Guest panels for conferences, Tough Competitive Contests and thrilling shows were the Spotlight of each day’s theme. Yet everyone could fully enjoy their interests during the whole 3 days by visiting the corresponding “Village”!

  • An impressive Show14241526_572888856228793_5849900778091092474_o

During the whole Event, a rich schedule was on the program for the main stage, whether it’s a Seiyuu performance, or Dance show, the Audience gathered eagerly to enjoy the spectacle with cheers and Encouragement! The Tunisian Youtubers namely “Dracowar Gaming”, “Mo55ek 3ejja” and “Hors Cujet” have prepared a Special Video for ComicCon in which they humoristically talked about their life as youtubers; and that’s when the whole Area started getting pretty crowded! The Joy and the excitement surrounded the main stage! Everyone was thrilled to meet the Net-Idols!

So did “Draw my Science”, a new Channel held by 2 young Youtubers that mainly talk about scientific phenomenons that prepared a Video about the benefits of Video games ; a good reason to spend 2 more hours playing World of Warcraft!





  • Overwhelming Guests

If ComicCon is known for its Guest Pannels , then Tunisian’s Edition this year has offered us the luxury to attend Talk shows and Workshops and meet some prestigious guests and we can’t be more satisfied!

Aside from Pro Cosplayers such as “Simon Wilkie” also known for his absolute fandom for “Star Wars” and the founders of “Cospl & Craft” “Jad’den and Taldeer”, assisting workshops and sharing their tricks and techniques in Crafting and giving talk shows to know more about Cosplay history and evolution; Comicon Panels was honored by 2 other special guests, that we were particularly excited about..


Aleissia Laidacker: Lead Programmer for AI and Gameplay for Assassin’s Creed III at Ubisoft Montreal

She shared with the audience how she got into game developing. As she Started working in Ubisoft she was only an intern, but she kept the hard work till there was an opening on “Assassin’s Creed II” and she got selected in the developing team . Back then, all she did was just coding, but soon enough she got the chance to work as AI lead programmer and ACIII gameplay and she didn’t let the chance go away! She went through pretty tough training to get into the “Assassin’s” shoes; and those efforts clearly paid off, judging how great meticulously made the outcome of ACIII is!


14138751_573375626180116_1374117698323975611_oTarak el Arabi Tarkan: Composer, writer and producer of most of our Childhood Animated series Openings!

It was with deep gratitude and Love that ComicCon has welcomed our “Second father” as some call him, the Legend “Tarak el Arabi Tarkan” that has soothed our childhood with Nostalgic songs for the animated series we spent hours stuck on TV, watching!

It was mainly a “Thank you” ceremony during which the Audience expressed their unleashed excitement and passion for those nostalgic songs; a crowd of 500 people or more jumping and singing along in one voice; no need for Lyrics, they were already deeply carved in everyone’s memory! The Blasting Music, the Heat, Loud voices, yet what a Heart warming concert it was!




  • Out of this World Cosplays

No Geek event rocks without Cosplay. A ma14232614_574660256051653_94475065479015114_nin Growing activity in Tunisia since 2010; Cosplayers have been blowing our minds with their meticulously made detailed outfits during Geekery-themed events for the past few years and the ComicCon was no different! You would never miss the Startling “Padm Amidala” standing in front of the StarWars décor, Cute Love-Live’s Anime girls performing a typical Japanese-idol Show, the Sexy Cat women that you’d never let the chance to catch the tail, and obviously the Cosplay Key Figures in every Event ; the majestic World of Warcraft Armors and those stunning League of Legends Champions here and there, rushing to the ComicCon’s Gaming area to attend the Finals of the League of Legends Competition.













  • Competitive Gaming

In accordance with Tradition, ComicCon would always have a Live Competitive gaming shows and for the Tunisian Edition of Comiccon it was dedicated to the Semi-finals and Finals for the qualifications for the IeSF’s World’s Cup. We’re talking here about E-Sports Major keys “League of Legends”, “HearthStone”, and for this year “CS:GO” ! The intense competiveness, team work and strategy were present to get the gamers in the perfect mood! The Cheers of the Audience would only boost them to extend their limits! There were easily about 400 people in the gaming area eagerly watching the game and giving a huge wave of “HURRAAY” at each “Triple Kill” !

Meeting with “Mehdi ben Ghrissi” General Coordinator of “TAG” : Tunisian Association of Gamers

DracowarGaming: -So how about a little Presentation of the Live Gaming Competition?

G.Coordinator TAG: -This is the very first Edition of ComicCon, and in collaboration with the ComicCon team, the TAG has organized the qualifications for the IeSF World’s Cup: International E-Sports Federation. The Grand Finales would take place this year in** October at “Jakarta” . This is the 3rd time we organize these qualifications for the IeSF in Tunisia. Last time our qualifies went to Seoul, South Corea, and the year before they went to Azerbaijan.

DracowarGaming: -what are the disciplines played?

G.Coordinator TAG: -For the first time we’ll be playing CS:GO “Counter Strike Global Offensive” , and obviously there’s no way around “League of Legends” and “HeathStone” as usual, specifically since we won the World Championship of HearthStone 2 years ago with “Amine Ben Massoud” .

DracowarGaming: -How did you organize the qualifiers for the semi-Finals and Finals of ComicCon?

G.Coordinator TAG: -We prepared On-line qualifiers, 64days for HeathStone, 16 teams for League of Legends and 16 teams for CS:Go.

DracowarGaming: -And what about the Level of the players, comparing to last year?

G.Coordinator TAG: -Undoubtedly, the Level of the players upgraded, especially the progress was remarkable for the League of Legend Players! This year, we have the same teams that qualified last year and the year before last, “Alpha Gaming” , “Armored Brothers” ect.. Basically most of the players are whether Diamond or Challenger. The Competition for the Semi-Finals was Tight, it was an amazing show, even though the games were not “balanced” if we would say, but the Finals are going to be by all means Enflaming!

DracowarGaming: -Do you have anthing to say about the Stream?

G.Coordinator TAG: -About the Stream, we certainly faced some technical problems, but it didn’t bother that much since we focused on the Live Cast! Our Live Casters “Moon” and other casters from the Staff team are going to handle the stream, and going to cast all the disciplines namely LOL and CS:Go.

DracowarGaming: – As a first Partnership with ComicCon, are you satisfied with the outcome?

G.Coordinator TAG: – I’d say it’s going awesomely well, since they provided us all the material needed and accorded with the specifications we required. Yet we’re definitely waiting for the next edition to improve some details especially concerning the show..It’s a ComicCon after all so we shoud live up to an event of this magnitude!

DracowarGaming: -Thank you! Keep the good work, and we hope best of luck for our Qualifies in the World’s Cup!



  • “Villages” for everyone’s Taste

Gamers were Blessed with a whole section of Free to Play “Retro Gaming” so they could play to their hearts content! Consoles from the Atari to the Game Cube were on display with specific information on each one, Almost heaven for Retro fans!

It was also an opportunity for Tunisian young Amateurs of Game programming and developing to expose their works and bring to light their talents. Video games developing is indeed an ongoing growing Revolution in our country, yet amazingly promising works are to be expected from our young programmers.

14195410_572889366228742_5650281353517323598_oFor those who’re wondering what animated the Japanese Village, it would be pretty hard to choose between the traditional and Modern stalls
. An Aikido and Kendo demonstrations were given for Martial Arts followers by masters wearing the refined attire of each, you’d definitely imagine yourself in a Dojo!

PaperCraft Tunisian team honored also the Japanese Village with their astonishing Projects from the mini-cubic models to the Colossal SonGoku! A great chance was to meet them at the ComicCon and discover their Art.

Also, Great nationally-renown Manga Artists had their own Alley where they display their works and make live drawing tutorials ; some fans had the chance to get their caricatured portrait done by the famous Digital designer Shiki, the author and designer of the famous animated series “Shiki’s Stupid Comics”!


But aside from what Gamers and Otakus interests, what made ComicCon even more special is the Focus on Technology as a Proper Part of the Geekery Culture with its High-Tech Village that included a multitude of Tunisian Android, Robotics and Electronic Clubs. Controlled Drones and Led Lights Highlighted the labor and the genius of youngsters; amazed by the new technology and enthusiastic that they’re finally on the ground floor of this new Wave!



All in all, ComicCon first Edition was a Success! Aside from the very few technical difficulties and ,well, let’s say, “unnoticeable” delay in the schedule, it was a really amazing experience for the Tunisian Geeks, Digital Artists and Pop Culture Fans, and Certainly a Promising one! This Edition reveals a start of a Growing Future for the next Editions!


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