8-year old Ethan reaches 100K Subscribers on his YouTube Gaming Channel!!


We’ve all heard a lot about Video Game reviewers and commentators uploading tons of Gameplays on YouTube, yet “Ethan” from “Ethan Gamer TV” YouTube Channel is probably the youngest among all.

Joined YouTube in 2013 at the age of 7 y.o , and since, the young boy has been active, playing various games targeted around his age such as “Minecraft” , “Roblox” , “Portal Knights”… releasing more than 500 videos in 3 years.

Funny and Enthusiastic as he is, he still plays his games seriously and tries to do rather engaging commentary throughout, and that’s what made his channel attract a huge audience hitting 100.000 subs at the age of 8, which means in less than 2 years!


So to celebrate that, he uploaded a “Special COUNTDOWN Video”, starting with 99.977 subs, he eagerly reacts to each new subscriber until he reached the 100K.

“11 more! We are So Close!! Oh God! it’s gonna be EPIC when we reach it!!” said the young gamer while impatiently refreshing the page every second.

Getting a bit down at times, noticing he lost a subscriber, the wait was pretty long and the progress was pretty slow, yet Ethan didn’t seem to show any sort of dissatisfaction or discouragement! Rather, he kept refreshing all confidently: “Slow and Steady wins the race” as he said.

His patience paid off since FINALLY he made it! 😀



After the Cute and Extreme Reaction of Joy by hitting the 100K subs, the 8 y.o Ethan kept on thanking his followers for supporting him on YouTube!

Yet, that wasn’t the end of the road for Ethan since he’s continued his journey of Gamer YouTuber and has already got over 1Million Subs by 2016 August!



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