Pokemon Go Sets More Records ?


The mobile augmented reality game, Pokemon Go, is still the fastest-growing ever app. After becoming the most popular Mobile Game in US history ; being downloaded more times in its first week than any other app in history , it looks like this game has crossed another milestone.

Sensor Tower , an analytics specialists firm, estimates that Pokémon Go has been installed more than 75 million times so far, on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms combined. To note thats the app has only been launched in 32 of the 100 markets in which Google Play and Apple’s App Store are available.

Pokemon Go - 50M

Randy Nelson , Head of Mobile Insights at Sensor Tower compared Pokemon Go to other popular apps ; Candy Crush, Jelly Saga for example surpassed 50 million installs after just over three months.

For most mobile games and apps, even reaching 10 million downloads is a marathon, butPokémon GO made that and 50 million in a sprint.

You can watch our PokéVlog embedded down below :


What do you think about the continued success ofPokemon GO?

Source [ Sensor TowerGameSpot]


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