League of Legends: Renegades, TiP and TDK Banned from Riot Competitions !






Three NA teams have been officially banned from Riot-sanctioned leagues. Renegades and Team Impulse of the Championship Series and Team Dragon Knights of the Challenger Series will no longer be allowed to compete in Riot competitions, and will have ten days to sell their LCS/CS spots.

According to an article released today by league officials, Team Impulse “has repeatedly failed to pay their players on time and to provide valid contracts for their players as required by the LCS Rules and Team Agreement.” Riot have determined that this team does not meet League of Legends standards for a professional organization. Hence they will not be permitted to continue participating in the LCS.

Highlights from the ruling on Team Impulse:

  • No Contracts : In March 2016, Team Impulse had no contracts signed with any of their players, despite submitting summary sheets which falsely claimed that full contracts existed.
  • Late or Missing Payments to Players:Team Impulse ownership has been chronically late in paying its players the League-mandated Minimum Player Compensation. TIP players had not been paid for the duration of the 2015 Summer split. Several team members are still believed to be owed money, in some cases amounting to multiple months of pay.





Renegades and TDK details are much more complex than TIP’s, and Riot has separated the issues into three categories: team ownership, player welfare and competitive integrity.

  • Team Ownership :Renegades owner Christopher Mykles had a deal in place with suspended former owner Chris Badawi that would grant Badawi a 50% stake in the team once his suspension had expired.
  • Player Welfare :This concerns regarding Badawi’s behavior, confrontations between management and players, refusal to honor payment and contract provisions, and failure to maintain a safe environment for all team members.
  • Competitive Integrity :Renegades and TDK have deliberately misled League officials with respect to their corporate relationship. Both teams assured officials that their businesses were not linked in any fashion, and that the trade was in the mutual interest of both teams independent of any additional relationship or agreement. However, League officials received evidence that indicated that some of the players were compensated and/or housed by their former teams even after the trade was completed, including payments for the month following the trade. REN’s and TDK’s submitted document ,which was represented to be the summary of the trade agreement, didn’t include provisions beyond simple assignment of the contracts, and did not establish cause for the former team to continue payments to the now-traded players.


– All three team’s management will be granted a grace period until 11:59pm PST on May 18th to sell all rights and legal claim to their LCS berth.

– TIP is also fined $20,000 from its final team payment from the league.

– Badawi will be permanently banned from Riot-sanctioned leagues.

– Mykles, popularly known as shoutcaster “Montecristo,” is banned for one year from holding any Riot-sanctioned position within a competing organization.


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