Grand Theft Auto V Movie… IS COMING ..


Posted by Liv Sommerlot
Liv Sommerlot
Wouldn’t it be great if every one of our favorite video games could become a movie? Well, perhaps not so great if past video-game-to-movie endeavors are any indication, so let me rephrase that. Wouldn’t it be great if every one of our favorite video games could be made into a good movie?

Today we’ve been given a taste of just how awesome that could be!

Sam and Niko of YouTube group Corridor are well-known for their video game live-action shorts and they’ve upped the ante even further with their latest creation—a live-action film based on Grand Theft Auto V. That in itself might not be all that groundbreaking, but you should see who they got to participate!

GTA V fan film starring the real Trevor Philips


None other than Steven Ogg himself, the actual actor who plays Trevor in Grand Theft Auto V. Not only did Steven provide the voice for Trevor, he acted out all of Trevor’s scenes, together with the other actors, thanks to Rockstar’s motion capture technology, which is why the animation in the Grand Theft Auto games is always so natural and realistic.

Thanks to the fact that Steven also looks a hell of a lot like Trevor, seeing him on as everyone’s favorite psychopath feels like looking at a flesh and blood version of Trevor—a real-life Grand Theft Auto Vexperience!

And boy, does it live up to our expectations.

Watch the full, live-actionGrand Theft Auto V parody with Steven Ogg below:




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