Borderlands 3 Officially Confirmed By Gearbox


Rejoice! Gearbox has officially confirmed at a PAX East panel attended by Eurogamer that it will be developing its third Borderlands game (the Pre-Sequel was created by 2K Australia) after it wraps up production on Battleborn and its DLC.

Randy Pitchford, of Gearbox Software, teased the sequel “Obviously, there is going to be another Borderlands.”

Gearbox’s “Borderlands” has been a hit ever since the original came out in 2009, and fans can now rest easy knowing that “Borderlands 3” is officially a thing and will be the next thing on Gearbox’s plate once its done with any ongoing projects.

Afterwards, Pitchford informed that it may not actually be called Borderlands 3 – the name, it seems, is still an undecided matter.

Furthermore, it was also confirmed that the art director for the game is none other than Scott Kester, and with the quality of his most recent work in Battleborn, we can likely expect good things from him.

There’s no definitive answer as of yet for when this game will be landing on your devices, but a fair estimation is probably bordering around late 2017 to early 2018. Though it’d be the third Borderlands game for Gearbox, it would be the fourth in the series after 2K Australia releasedBorderlands: The Pre-Sequel in 2014.


Source [ Fraghero]


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