Apple is finally posting tweets on its 5 year old Twitter !!


Apple is finally breathing life into its long-dormant Twitter account, and decide to start using the social network with more than 300 millions users.

It’s about time. Launched in septembre 2011 (just before the launch of Iphone 4s), Apple’s Twitter account is finally verified and going to be used. For now, the standard twitter’s avatar has been replaced with the official Apple’s logo among with a new cover colored with the new Iphone’s colors. They didn’t publish a single tweet has been published all along the past five years, tho they until next week the account had 70 000 followers, a number that raised to 300 000 followers in 5 days.

For Apple, it’s all about teasing for her newest releases “The Iphone 7”. Maybe Apple is starting a new marketing way for her products with publishing pictures and videos in real time. Until now all the conferences giving by Tim Cook and his team are only accessible for macOS, iPhone, iPad and even Apple TV users. A way to privilege Apple clients.


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