Apple announces the Release Date of the Iphone7


As expected, the American multinational technology company Apple has revealed the release date of its Next Update of its so Renown Smart phone, the “iphone7” , as it sent out invitations to the Media to attend its special launch Event in early September.


With an Invitation that carries the tagline “See you on the 7th” , Apple has informed most of the popular worldwide Media and Press representatives about the date of its special Event that takes place in the Locals of Apple in San Francisco, USA, during the upcoming September 7th, in which is planned to unveil the new “iphone7”.


Though, most of the time, the device goes on sale a bit later than the actual Apple announcement. Some leakers have claimed that the release is planned for September 16th, but no official source has confirmed that yet.

As Previewed, the Apple unveiling Event is going to take place in parallel with the great Hight-Tech Salon “IFA 2016” that occurs in Berlin Germany in the same period of time, that welcomes the participation of multiple worldwide technology companies.



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